An Admission

Okay people, it is time for me to come clean. Here it is: I don’t like the Beatles. Yes, I have some of their music in my collection. Yes, I understand that they were prolific writers whose music impacted everything that came afterwards. However, I can’t help but switch the channel every time one of their songs comes on the classic rock radio station. There it is.

You know Zep is better, so don’t front.

4 Replies to “An Admission”

  1. You have no idea what a radio wasteland this area is. If I didn’t want to listen to Hotel California 38 times a day, the other option is to listen to some damn Green Day song 56 times a day. Oh yes, as of yesterday one of the “new alternative” radio stations became El Zol, all Latin music, which I find hilarious. At the times I am usually listening to the radio (to and from work), the local sometimes-jazz station runs a political propaganda call-in show, and smooth jazz is usually too insipid for me to listen. Luckily I usually have my MP3 player with me so it’s not that big a deal.

  2. No college radio up there? It may suck from time to time, but at least it’s a different and new suck and you at least get something new to consider. I gave up or corporate radio long ago.

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