vim cheat codes

Or, how I read parts of the fine manual.

Yesterday, after spending way too much time trying to get find(1) to exclude vim swapfiles, I finally had it with them cluttering up my work directories. As is usually the case when vim triggers an itch, I thought, “there must be a setting for that,” and lo, there was.

set directory=~/.vimswap//

Make that directory and all the swap files go there instead. The trailing double slashes mean the swap files get named in such a way as to avoid conflicts.

Here are some other things added to my vimrc over the last year or so.

Show whitespace issues as spelling mistakes:

match SpellBad /s+$| +zet/

I used to always set my windows to 80 columns, but then I started using ‘set number’ and then all of that went out the window, so to speak. So now I do this to show where wrapping needs to happen:

set colorcolumn=80

This hack is kind of neat, it shows +/- change markers on the edge, based on git changes in your working copy:

(To make it less intrusive, I added highlight clear SignColumn.)

Once upon a time, I had a really complicated macro to search up the directory hierarchy looking for tags files. It turns out vim already does that if you add a semicolon in there (:help file-searching):

set tags=./tags;