Grooving not so high

Since last time I have been working on transcribing the solo on the tune Groovin’ High.

As a snapshot of where I am on this one, you can watch me creak my way through the solo over here:

There are a half dozen wrong notes and the last phrase is totally off, but, it’s getting there.

While at it, I wrote an arpeggio study for the chord changes and tried out lilypond’s built-in tablature renderer for this. The automatic numbering works well enough. I work out the fingering first and then tell it which string to use (otherwise it will pick fairly random positions with open strings), but at least it’s less likely to make a typo when you give note names instead of fret numbers.

Correction to my previous post, the sax player on this recording was (I think) Ernie Henry, not Charlie Parker. I do have one of the versions with Parker on it, but the recording quality is not great so this one is easier to listen to. It comes from the album Dizzy in Greece that I had from a compilation, so it took a lot of googling to figure out when it was originally released and who played on it.