Recently my Kindle (Paperwhite 3, 2015 edition) had a mishap wherein it took a trip through the washing machine. After it dried out, I tried booting it up again only to get a “you should really go repair this” graphic on the display and it was toast. I took the opportunity to upgrade to the more recent, somewhat waterproof edition.

Meanwhile, I wondered if I could do something with the e-ink screen on this old one. After manhandling it open, I found I could get it back on after disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and shorting the traces where the power button used to be. So, naturally I rooted this thing.

Besides trying out KOReader and the like, one possible use for the device would be as a very low power black-and-white photo frame, so here’s a picture of one of the kiddos on the screen. Perhaps encasing this in a better frame and setting up a cron job to cycle images every few days would make a nice build.