Updated to version 6

I bought a new wireless router the other day, a D-Link DIR-825 dual-band a/g/b/n. This is a step up in several regards from my previous 2.4 GHz 11g Linksys, not least of which is the D-Link’s ability to run OpenWRT with ath9k. Installing OpenWRT with prebuilt binaries is dirt simple; it took all of about 5 minutes to set up.

One of my motivations was to do some IPv6 testing in advance of World IPv6 Day. Comcast doesn’t yet offer IPv6 addresses to the public at large, so I set up a Hurricane Electric 6in4 tunnel. This is quite easy to configure in OpenWRT.

So now I can load ipv6.google.com in my browser. It’s approximately 2 better than the normal site.