Kernel 2.6.30

Linux kernel 2.6.30 is out, featuring the best mainline support for ath5k yet. I recommend if you do use wireless with 2.6.30 (or .29), that you also grab this patch which fixes a nasty memory corruption issue. That one haunted me for months but it was a great feeling to finally nail it down. Of course the fix turned out to be quite simple. It should be hitting stable in short order.

What to look for in 2.6.31:

  • AP mode (finally!)
  • better transmission power settings
  • enhanced support for regulatory domains
  • rfkill support

There are still a couple of bugs in AP mode and rfkill, but hopefully they’ll get ironed out in the next two weeks or so. It’s too early to make predictions for 2.6.32, but improved power saving is a possibility, and of course lots of bug fixes. I also hope to set up some automated testing now that I have more than one piece of hardware (thanks Luis!) and will be interested in seeing performance statistics since ath5k was introduced.

Next week, Ange and I will be heading off to Berlin, where I’ll be attending the Linux Wireless Mini-summit at FUDCon for a couple of days, and after that we’ll be staying a few days for vacation. I’m sure to return with a head full of ideas about 802.11 networking, and a belly full of beer and sausage.