2.6.30 preview

Now that Linux 2.6.29 just went out the door, here’s what I have prepared for 2.6.30 in the wireless arena. Of note, mac80211 now has suspend/resume support so a lot of nasty hacks in the drivers can go away. Most of the rest is just bug fixes, some of them for panics and soft lockups.

The work I’m excited about this week is scheduled for 2.6.31 — we extracted a bunch of ath9k regulatory infrastructure into a common module that all of the Atheros drivers (including the new ar9170) will use. This is the first step in getting a lot of that common code into a library. Hooray! Also Nick has some great improvements to the RF stuff queued up, so the driver is behaving much better.

Bob Copeland (29):
      ath5k: support LEDs on Acer Aspire One netbook
      ath5k: fix off-by-one in gpio checks
      mac80211: document return codes from ops callbacks
      ath5k: fix bf->skb==NULL panic in ath5k_tasklet_rx
      mac80211: add suspend/resume callbacks
      ath5k: remove stop/start calls from within suspend/resume
      ath5k: remove unused led_off parameter
      ath5k: use short preamble when possible
      ath5k: honor the RTS/CTS bits
      mac80211: change workqueue back to non-freezeable
      mac80211: flush workqueue a second time in suspend()
      ath9k: remove write-only current_rd_inuse
      ath9k: save a few calls to ath9k_regd_get_eepromRD
      ath9k: convert isWwrSKU macro into C code
      ath9k: remove ath9k_regd_get_rd()
      ath9k: remove prototype for ath9k_regd_get_current_country
      ath9k: move common regulatory code out of if() branches
      ath5k: don't mask off interrupt bits
      ath5k: use spin_lock_irqsave for beacon lock
      ath5k: move beacon processing to a tasklet
      ath5k: compute rts/cts duration after computing full pktlen
      ath9k: fix 802.11g conformance test limit typo
      ath5k: extract LED code into a separate file
      ath5k: use a table for LED parameters
      ath5k: update LED table with reported devices
      ath5k: disable MIB interrupts
      ath5k: remove dummy PCI "retry timeout" fix
      ath5k: warn and correct rate for unknown hw rate indexes
      ath5k: properly drop packets from ops->tx