Hacking, the good kind

I could write about the election here, but citizen905 already summed it up pretty well. So instead, here’s what I’ve been breaking in the Linux kernel lately:

  • My final patch count for 2.6.27 was 14, I think. Enough, anyway, that I can stop counting and just deal with all the work I’ve created for myself.
  • I added myself to MAINTAINERS for ath5k, which felt like a pretty ridiculous notoriety grab, but Nick asked me to do so twice, so there.
  • I have some fixes for ath5k for 2.6.28, nothing major but an oops should be fixed, and a WARN_ON removed. The oops fix, incidentally, had an obvious bug despite 3 sign-offs. I suck.
  • Also committed but to-be-reverted for suckiness is a patch to remove beaconing in STA mode. Turns out ath9k, from which I stole this idea, was just busted. The new plan is to use the beacon miss interrupt; until then, your wireless card has to wake up the CPU about 100 times a second.
  • For 2.6.29, I have added hardware encryption to ath5k and hopefully will get some time to hack on the suspend/resume support for mac80211. Then I have some omfs patches I’ve been sitting on for months.